Greyhawk Shreveport

Report to Rufus and Burne

After hearing of the flameing eye robes found in the moathouse Burne the wizard replys: This is the Elder Elemental Eye they are a cult devoted to a creature or god they call the elder elemental eye.

a few decades ago this cult was known for constructing a temple called the Temple of Elemental Evil as their base of opperations. They were known to hire bandits and monsters and terrorize the local regions, includeing hommlet. Rufus and I were part of the very company that helped secure Hommlet at the time.

what become of the cultist or the temple i do not know..

there are a few legends:

some say the cult was locked away into the temple.

some say the temple is a portal to another plane of existance.

some say a gigantic demon was locked away as well.

some say this demon is orcus.

some say this demon was a gigantic fungus creature.

some say this demon is the eldar elemental eye.

and others believe that the cult was just a bunch of crazys worshipping something that dosnt even exist…

The village of Hommlet so far.

After the kobold cave The players ask the Dwarf Barbarin “Darin” to join them in their adventurers guild. He asks for a day to consider it.

that night Garoth cannot get any rest and decides to do some spying. He notices the local tradeshop owner acting suspiscious around the nearby shrine of avandra. He decides to ask the guards search him, but by the time they got to him he was already at his shop. The guards found nothing.

the next morning Garoth and Carel wake up early and decide to eat breakfast together while the others rest. They soon meet two new allies. The local bumpkin “Elmo” and a disguised Tiefling named Spugnois who requests that they help him explore the nearby abandoned moathouse.

8 hours travel at the moathouse the party defeats a few giant frogs as well as a gang of bandits with a poorly trained rage drake. They defeat them with ease, but a few of the bandits got away in a seceret entrance. After following them down the secret path they find noting but a large “hungy” ogre staring them in the eyes. After they mop him up they rescue a few traders and a gnome that were about to be the ogres meal.

after a bit more exploreing they run into a torture chamber of undead. after the mop up they find two storerooms full of goodies. one has Gundigoots missing brandy and the other Black robes with a Flaming eye symbol upon them

8 hours travel back to hommlet the party comes parading into town showing off the heads of the ragedrake and the ogre floating upon tensors magical floating disc. spugnois not wanting to draw any attention to himself leaves to the inn common room


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