Greyhawk Shreveport

Whats the plan?

Burne: Quickly! we only have a limited time. We must contact the others, and the verbobonc milita! He rushes down the tower stairs to his desk and begins searching through it Aha! He pulls out a scroll This scroll can teleport you a certain point in verbobonc.. i saved it for just such an occasion, but there is a problem… It can only send 2 people, and where in verbobonc it may send you… well, I do not know…

SKILL CHALLENGE (verbobonc): After the two willing players have been teleported, you will arive into what apears to be a sewer.

OBJECTIVES: Find the other heros. Gain aid from the verbobonc malitia.

RULES: simply state the skill you wish to use and your score (not the dice)



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