Greyhawk Shreveport

Spys among us.


Garoth met up with a new friend,a quick talking halfling rogue.

The two decided to stake out the drop point at the shrine. As well as take one of the letters. They learned for sure thatRannos Davlis a spy for the cult of the elder elemental eye. During the steakout they capture a goblin placeing the messages.

They take him back to burnes tower to interrogate him. The creature was not co-operating so the rogue decided to cut of his fingers… just as the blood spilled from his stub so did his secrets.

He told the two adventurers that he is only a messanger and picks up the letters from another drop point at the moathouse left by none other thanDrex the Green Dragonborn.

After a bit of craftiness and Burnes cantrips they party kept the goblinFrag-gnat as a slave/servant at the tower.

The party then returned to the moathouse to find Drex, and after a well planned ambush they quickly knocked out and captured the dragonkin bastard before he had a chance to so much swing his sword.

:edit the letter was rewritten by Burne to say that Garoth has been killed and replaced by a spy and for rannos davl to relay this information to the other spys.


Mmmmm, steakouts… gargle.

Spys among us.

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