Greyhawk Shreveport

And now he returns....

It is mid-day in Hommlet… all seems peaceful…

DING-dong DING-dong

As the towers bells ring out: “INVASION!”

You rush to the top of the tower to see the commotion. Burne manifests a large magical lense to magnify the attackers, but before a word could be said the entire village was surounded by a hoard of monsters.

Frag-gnat snickers with glee

From the pile emerges a much larger creature with somewhat familiar face rideing upon its back…

His skin, now a light shade of blueish grey… His head, stiched back together… His once “beautiful” face, now torn…

Beside him comes another large kobold looking creature. This one, with red scales and a head similar to that of the rage drake.

With a roar, “YOU ARE NOW SLAVES OF THE ELDAR ELEMENTAL EYE!” “RESISTANCE WILL SPELL YOUR DEATH”- with that he hurls a large warhammer into a nearby barn. The hammer flys through the wall, bursting it into splinters and the blood of livestock.



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